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Mauritius 2017 and 2018

Having prayed for an opening in Mauritius for a decade, while visiting Sri-Lanka in March the Rayans discovered one of their hosts had a good contact there. This led to an invitation to visit.

Mauritius has a population of 1.3 million, one in seven having a disability. Nearly half of the population are Hindu. During their first 16 days there, Prabhu and Nancy had a total of 44 meetings, sharing at ten church services/meetings and three seminars. They also visited nine institutions.

In two separate services, there was a powerful move of the Holy Spirit, as many responded and committed to walking closer with God and taking the Gospel to people with disabilities.

Prabhu and Nancy were able to encourage the founder of one institution visited. A Christian disillusioned by the attitude of parents, teachers and the church to people with disabilities, she shared that there is no proper assessment of people with disabilities.

At other institutions they heard similar stories of people with disabilities treated as a liability, helpless and hopeless. One was setting up a Braille Library, and asked the Rayans for Braille books in English and French. Later in the trip, they were able to initiate the production of a printed and audio version of the New Testament and Psalms in Kreol through the Bible Society in Mauritius!

Prabhu and Nancy took great encouragement from seeing the dedication of the teachers at an institution famed for training wheelchair users to play basketball.

Highlights of the visit:

· Met and shared the vision with several senior leaders of church denominations in Mauritius

· 45 people with disabilities heard the Gospel

· A total of 342 people including church leaders heard the vision, in 28 churches, three Christian organisations and a Bible College, with several training programmes initiated

· Made contacts that may open the door for a visit to Madagascar


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