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Mission Malawi 2019

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Praise God for what the Lord has done in 22 days (June 12 - July 2)

23 meetings, including:

  • 5 seminars

  • 2 days Training for 16 pastors

  • 5 church services

  • 2 Fellowship meetings for persons with disabilities

  • 6 other meetings with pastors and leaders

Visited 3 institutions related to work with persons with disabilities including meeting the Government Chief Officer and the Assistant Officer related to disability issues.

Praise God -

  • More than 900 people heard the vision

  • 185 people committed their lives during the Sunday meetings

Highlights of our visit -

  • Visited the Refugee Camp in Dzaleka, where 42000 refugees live in utter poverty.

  • But there are 72 churches within the camp.

  • Met 4 pastors and interacted with them concerning people with disabilities

Our co-ordinator in Malawi has been revived to take this vision with more vigour and vitality. His parting comments:

" I have moved on from project mentality to Christ mindset preparing the 2.5 million people with disabilities of Malawi for His Coming!"

Thank you for your prayers.

Prabhu and Nancy Rayan


Dear Prabhu and Nancy Rayan,

This report regarding your training, evangelism outreach and ministry in Malawi is amazing. Thank you for investing your time and resources in the lives of special-needs families in Malawi! I pray that the seed you have planted will bear much fruit for the kingdom of Christ.

Joni Eareckson Tada

Founder / CEO


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