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Inclusive Worldwide (IW) is a missionary movement working among people with disabilities in partnership with the church.

According to World Health Organisation, there are 1050 million people with disabilities in the world - about 15% of the wold's population. If all these people came together and form a nation, that would be the third largest nation on earth next only to China and India.

Disability knows no nationality, religion, class, caste or creed. It could happen to anybody. It does not come by invitation; neither does it come with prior notice.

When did IW come into existence?

Pioneered by Prabhu and Nancy Rayan, India Fellowship for the Visually Handicapped (IFVH) started its life in 1980 to address the needs off the 20 million people with visual disabilities of India. In 1990 the ministry enlarged to include people with other disabilities as well as to other countries when its name was changed to International Fellowship for the Handicapped. In 2017 the name changed to Inclusive Worldwide.

In most countries people with disabilities are seen as lesser people, who constantly need sympathetic consideration. This mindset has to change!

What does Inclusive Worldwide do today?

Through the IW movement awareness is created among church pastors, mission leaders, Christian organisation executives and individuals.


Seminars and workshops are held both locally, nationally and internationally. A Training Institute, set up in the year 1982, has been training those who are called to work among people with disabilities.


Educational materials have been developed. These include:

  • Out of Darkness (History)

  • Disability Awareness Manual

  • Prepare the Bride

  • Training Manual

As well as leaflets related to disability awareness and church inclusion.

How is Inclusive Worldwide supported financially?

IW is supported by the sacrificial giving of individuals, churches and prayer groups without any appeal for funds.

What is the area of IW ministry?

With connections in 84 countries IW is still expanding. Invitations come in from churches to hear this inspiring message. Prabhu and Nancy Rayan have visited and initiated this ministry in 43 different countries across the two thirds world as well as countries in the developed world.

Inclusive Worldwide exists to raise awareness and to assist in restoring the identity and dignity of people with disabilities in the fast developing continent of India and surrounding areas.


Inclusive – because people with disabilities are excluded from the mainstream of life and society and very sadly even in the churches.

Worldwide – because disability is a global problem.

The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole world inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our Mission

The gospel for every person with disability and

every church inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our Vision

The gospel is not disabled

that it cannot save people

with disabilities;

and the rightful place

of a person with disability

is the Church of God.

Our Mission

It was in one of the slums in Bombay that Prabhu met a blind man and led him to the Lord; and it was during his baptism that Prabhu heard the Lord asking him, "Today, Param is added into My Body, where are the millions of disabled people in My Body?"

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